Bendigo Easter Fair 2019

Bendigo Easter Fair 2019 24/04/2019

So, they say the Bendigo Easter Fair 2019 was the biggest ever, and it's no wonder.

Around 80,000 people lined the city streets to witness the once in a lifetime sight of 4 Chinese Imperial Dragons in procession.

Loong, the oldest imperial dragon in the world at over 100 years, was retired in 1971 and this year saw his replacement, Sun Loong, hand over to Dai Gum Loong. The fourth dragon, Yar Loong (the Night Dragon) is over 80 years old and the smallest of the 4 at around 34 metres.

As is Chinese tradition the new dragon is introduced to the old in a ceremony that is rarely seen in modern times, even in China.

The Bendigo Chinese Association and museum made the decision to also bring out Loong to be included in the festivities. Loong hasn't been out of the museum in nearly 50 years and is not likely too ever again.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get anywhere near the Alexandria Fountain where the introduction ceremony took place but I was able to get a few images of the procession.

Canon 5D Mk iii, Sigma 70-200 f2.8.

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